Monday, May 16, 2016

The Perfect Boiled Egg

This seems like a really stupid post when you say..."oh I think I will blog about a hard boiled egg!" But eggs are so incredibly versatile and the first question in every important long term relationship is "How do you like your eggs?" Well, this has taken me a while to get right...but when you know, you know...

I have finally perfected the hard boiled egg!

I have tried baking, starting in cold water, boiling water entire time, etc. The baking burned one side of mine, the cold water had me peeling shards of shell off for too long... But this! This is it.

Sure, the other methods work to cook the eggs, but I spent so much of my time peeling tiny pieces off the eggs, then they would be ugly and all nicked up. Some turned out too overcooked, some were too runny for my tastes. This has been my tried and true and I will never look back!

Here's how it's done. And if right now, you are saying, well I love my method and mine is the right way....that is wonderful! And you can stop reading here cause the rest of this post will not matter to you in the least.

The hardest part: Bring a small pot of water to a rolling boil.

CAREFULLY place your eggs into the hard boil with a spider or a spoon.  Immediately turn the heat to low and put 13 minutes on the clock.  The water will "slow it's roll"(pun intended) and reach a gentle simmer. Keep uncovered!

While they are simmering away, prepare yourself an ice bath to shock them once the 13 minutes are up. I do this in a small mixing bowl. Now go watch 12.5 minutes of Netflix (Jane the Virgin or Parks and Rec, just saying).

When you hear that beep on the timer, quickly but carefully scoop your boiled eggs from the water into the ice bath with your spider or spoon.

Once they are cooled (about 5 minutes) give them a swift knock on the countertop and peel away!

These are every so slightly underdone from what you would see at a salad bar, but these are so tasty and make a really creamy egg salad (mix with a quick squeeze of mayo and s&p).  I am telling you this because I eat egg salad 3-4 times a week now that I have mastered this egg boiling technique. So simple, yet such a game changer!

Try it just once! And if you hate them or it doesn't work for you, I will buy you 2 new eggs! Dig in.