Monday, August 25, 2014

Tore Up From the Floor Up

One of the reasons I have not posted lately other than being incredibly lazy and joining the library (NERD ALERT! Which, by the way, has a fantastic cookbook section) is that we are in the midst of an amazing complete kitchen renovation.


Day 1

Progress after Week 1

In pictures, the previous kitchen doesn't look THAT BAD (or so I have heard from some).  Oh honey, it was BAD. Check out the 80s desk and the soffits. Gorg. Plus, when we moved in, I chose the color and grew to really dislike it.

We first started our journey over a year ago, with a consultation from Don, our project manager. I had no idea what I wanted at the time. Just wanted updated, clean, fresh stuff.  Spoiler alert: a kitchen renovation is not cheap. It's not like, yeah! We have unlimited funds, let's reno the kitchen! Although, le sigh, wouldn't that be nice? So, we got some ideas, a plan was drawn up by Don, and we decided to save our monies to get our dream kitchen.  A long time passes by, and we finally bite the bullet and start getting things done.

So, we are 3 weeks into the renovation. It has certainly been interesting not cooking. I have no idea what to do with my time in the evenings. So, I drink tons of iced coffee, get all wired up and throw out tons of crap we've collected into the large dumpster that has taken residence in the backyard.

Currently, we are at a point of: all new drywall, new ceiling (NO MORE TEXTURE! WAHOOOO!), recessed cans lighting, full flooring and a wide open space.

After Week 2 and 3

 The floor was replaced where it was missing from what was torn out, and that was the last step until the cabinets can come in to live! The floor at this point looks like it doesn't match, but it does, promise. There is SO. Much. Dust.

View from dining room, after floor was replaced.
My cute model, Jade.

So far, so good. More updates are on the way as they happen.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You Want Fries With That?

I have been MIA, and I really don't have an excuse why, other than I am lazy, so here I am again. 


So, here's those fries I instagrammed eleventybillion months ago. They are still awesome, though.

I don't know if you know this, but Rally's fries are the best fries ever to exist on the planet. #amirite?
UNTIL NOW.  I know the secret! I know the secret! Well, at least that's what I am telling myself.  It's all about the double fry.  Yep, you heard me. Twice fried. Better than Rally's fries #almost 

A magical invention, the Fry Baby Daddy (what?)
Quit hatin'. So we like As Seen on TV crap. As a side note: The Stufz was disappointing, but still worked.

You really don't have to use these as seen on TV items, I just am a sucker for a $10 gag gift.s. Pocket hose? The Clapper? You know who you are (everyone reading this has a ASOT item they truly, truly love, so stop denying it).

 Anywho, I cut these fries with my "Perfect Fry" but you can use a really sharp knife. These are scrubbed really good, but you can peel your potatoes if you want. I like a little skin on them. My mom always told me the nutrients were in the potato skin - but maybe that was just so I would eat everything on my plate. I was just feeding 2 people, so I used 3 large russet potatoes.

 Anyway, even if you don't have the magical Fry Baby Daddy*, you can use a dutch oven or stock pot with oil (PEANUT OIL. TRUST.) I used about a 3/4 a gallon of peanut oil.  Heat to 325 degrees. If you are using a pot, you will need to use a thermometer. If you don't own one, I bet if you went to buy a thermometer, you could use a bed bath and beyond coupon and spend a couple dollars more to buy this device, just sayin'.

Anyway - when your oil is ready, add your potatoes to the oil (be careful, that oil is on fia). For 5-7 minutes, cook at 325 degrees.  Pull out and dump onto a paper towel lined plate to drain the grease.  When all your potatoes are done, crank the heat up to 350.  When it's ready then put the already cooked fries BACK IN the oil for 3 minutes.

Drain again on some fresh paper towels on a plate - then while still pretty hot, sprinkle with sea salt or kosher salt.These potatoes are crispy on the outside, and nice and tender and creamy on the inside. 

Then, make your handsome husband/partner/bff/enemy grill some burgers and serve along side. A perfect side dish! Also, whoops about the beautiful laundry basket in the background. We use Tide with Downy, if you wanted to know. Just keepin it real.

Here's the full recipe:
Double Fried Freedom Fries
Serves 4

6 russet potatoes
1 gallon peanut oil
kosher salt or sea salt

Heat oil in fry daddy or dutch oven to 325 degrees.
Cut potatoes into strips, or your choice of fry shape
Place potatoes (usually about half) into oil.
Deep fry for 5-7 minutes.
Drain on paper towel lined plates
Repeat until all potatoes are cooked once
Increase oil heat to 350.
Put par cooked potatoes back into the oil for 3-4 minutes
Pull out - sprinkle with sea salt or kosher salt

Let me know if you tried these and if you liked them as much I do!

Update:  If you are using a large pot to make these, to fish the fries out when they are finished cooking, use a metal slotted spoon. Be really careful with the oil, it will burn you and it is no fun, even just a little.