Friday, January 3, 2014

Dinner Date and Fancy Word Friday

If you are married, in a relationship, engaged, just friends, single, with girlfriends, with guy friends, etc it is REALLY REALLY important to go out to eat with people you like spending time with. It keeps you sane. JoJo loves a good date night, and I can't ever deny him one. If only it was acceptable to wear pajamas or the elastic ankle sweats from Walmart (my go-to at home, stop judging, and you will probably find me in them if you knocked on my door for a random drop in, so don't if you are offended by them) to dinner and look chic. Maybe I'll try that one day just to say I did it… or, erhmmm, probably not. It is a treat to go out to eat, you don't have to cook unless you are eating fondue (It is totally 80s to do this but I am a huge fan), and it is worth every penny if you go to the right place.

The trick to saving money when you go out to eat is to PRE-GAME. Yes, I know you are laughing and calling me cheap - but whatever. That bottle of wine I got to pre-game is the same price as one glass of wine at the restaurant we are going to. I'm not made of money, people! And I'll have plenty of vino waiting for me when I get home from a delicious meal. I've mentioned wine in 50% of my posts so far. Have I talked about my love for a cheap decent red?

The conversation between Joey and I goes a little something like this.
"Can I take you on a date?
"Sure! "
"Where do you want to go? "
"I dunno, where do YOU want to go?"

It continues for a few minutes of text, then, I will be completely honest with you... I will tell him the restaurant I really have been wanting to go to the whole conversation, and we go there. Jackpot, I know.

We went to Mojitos, and accidentally swiped a couple seats at the bar from some people waiting longer than we were. Oops. Joey told me about it after I had blindly done it…thanks, Joe. Gotta get those bar seats!!!

Think about it though, bartenders are usually a promotion above a server (but not always), so they are probably a) really cool peeps and b)knowledgeable about the menu/a good server. Did you know I was a bartender once?  That's not the point….

Baguette, Green Apples, Manchego Cheese, Mini Pickles, Smoked Honey. Hey OH!

Charcuterie (/ʃɑrˌktəˈr/ or /ʃɑrˈktəri/; northern French: [ʃaʁ.kyt.'ʁi] or southernFrench: [ʃaʁ.kytə'ʁi], from chair 'flesh' and cuit 'cooked') is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as baconhamsausageterrines,galantinespâtés, and confit, primarily from pork.

When you are on a date, split a meat and cheese app. Trust. They are delightful together.

 Serrano Ham. Yum.

When you go to any restaurant in the near future- get the short ribs if are on the menu. Chefs are really perfecting these. Mine were DELISH.

Joey got the filet with bleu cheese caramelized on it.

Editor Note: I wish I loved two things in life: olives and bleu cheese. Luckily, Joey loves both so I live vicariously through him and watch him enjoy both. 

The point of this post is: Go on a date with your friend, dad, mom, sister, brother, best friend you have a crush on, your enemy….who cares…just go enjoy the fruits of others labor and enjoy a well cooked restaurant meal. 

P.S. TIP YOUR SERVER. SERIOUSLY, no one likes a bad tipper.

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