Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kitchen Update Numero Dos

I have not cooked dinner in SIX weeks. SIX. I've read ALL the books, I've binge watched Scandal (hellloooo Tony Goldwyn!), and have done major closet cleaning.

I am itching to cook something. Anything. I want to chop vegetables and use my new sink. I want to preheat my oven!!!! I want to run my dishwasher. Okay, so those aren't technically cooking, but it is the beginning and end of a delicious meal. It is only days away. I can taste the brussels sprouts pizza already.

Here are some pics of whats been happening in the G household.  Big things are happening y'all!

Let's take a look back at the OG:

Back in this post, there were a lot of things happening, but no cabinets were in.

The cabinets were delivered and put up last week.

Hello my pretties! This is prior to crown molding being installed.

This, is after. Sorry for the obscene hand gestures, guys. See how the ceiling looks uneven? Paint and caulk fixes that.

 Then, my love named "farmhouse sink" stepped into my life and now I want to sit and stare at her all day long. Oh, the dishes you will clean!

Moving on to this awesomeness! Please note, some things on pinterest actually do come true.  Ask your contractor, and ye shall receive.

That's right, kids. A cutting board over the trash.  Life is good.  We are going to see how we like it without a hole in it and possibly cut one in the future. 

This pic was accidentally uploaded, but how can you resist this sweet face?

Then the painting began. We chose Benjamin Moore Palest Pistachio. It is reallllllly light blue. I am obsessed with how it turned out, because its juust a hint of color. I was thisclose to freaking out when Joey said "oh, they've finished priming the room!" when actually, eeeeeek, it was the paint color I picked out. He now notices the color (or maybe not).

See the clean line at the ceiling and crown molding. The wonders of caulk!

Please tell me you can see the hint of color. You do? NO? Well it is there. Promise.

And here we are! Waiting on fridge and dishwasher, some baseboards, countertops, and electrical work.  These will be all in and done by the middle of next week!

Also, I need some ideas for my first meal to make in the finished kitchen. Give me some ideas. It's gotta be good, and cheap. We outta dollaz over here.

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  1. Love it so far! I can't wait to see it all come together!



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