Friday, February 27, 2015

Breakfast Sammies

Joey and I have had trouble remembering to eat breakfast daily. It's the most important meal of the day- hellur! We needed something that will keep us full until lunch and have a on-the-go quality without being fast food. Enter - the freezer breakfast sammich.

I sent Joey this picture of these Egg Rings from Williams Sonoma - these were a splurge/impulse buy -I  could pretty much hear him swooning over text. If you don't want to blow a ridiculous amount on egg rings (we have been talking about them for weeks so it was time to splurge), muffin tins work pretty good too.

I got the Whole Grain english muffins, but any type of bread you want will work fine too!

6 English Muffins (or bread of your choice)

6 eggs

6 slices American Cheese (or any cheese of your choice)

3 slices turkey bacon (news flash: Joey didn't know it was turkey bacon until I told him, HA!)

6 baggies

patience :-)

 Overall this will take you about 20 minutes to do. How to help pass the time? Watch Scandal DVR at the same time. ;-)

Start by cooking your turkey bacon - you want to cook this all the way through!! Probably about 5 minutes on each side and then drain on paper towels. Then give it a rough chop. Set to the side until you are ready to cook up your eggs.

Scramble your eggs in a bowl. Add some pepper if you want. There is salt in the bacon already that will help season the eggs.

The egg rings!  Heat a non-stick pan to medium heat. Spray your ring and pan with nonstick cooking spray!! I learned this the hard way. 
About 1/4 c is one egg. Add some bacon in your egg scramble. This is where the egg rings get a little complicated. I didn't want to flip super runny eggs so I covered the pan and hoped that the egg would cook through better that way, and it did! So while there was still a little runny-ness on top, it was easy to remove the egg ring and give the egg "patty" a quick flip. 
(Or muffin pan at 350 for 20 minutes) When building sandwich using muffin tin eggs, I slice them hortizontally to cover more of the english muffin, if you go that route!

It's not beautiful but it definitely does the job! When finished, place on plate and let cool for a few minutes. 

 The best part! Building your sandwich.  I used american cheese slices, but you can use whatever your heart desires. Slice your english muffin with a serrated knife. Add egg and cheese.

Seal your breakfast sandwich and put in the freezer for breakfast for the week!

When ready to eat, wrap sandwich in a paper towel and heat for 45 seconds, check if it is hot enough for your liking, and enjoy! The cheese gets really melty and delish.

These are super awesome to grab and go to work everyday, because if you are like me, I get ready in the mornings for work by the minute. Sleep is not wasted in our house.

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