Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snowed In

After having a delightful surprise extended weekend - due to being snowed in, it has given me some time to think of a few of my favorite things that have happened/I have enjoyed lately:

Bacon-in-Pancakes. Thanks Pinterest!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes for brunch. Stuck inside? Might as well EAT what ever the heck you want! The recipe calls for a ton of baking powder, but they always turn out really light and fluffy. This is my go-to. I added ghirardelli chocolate chips, because we fancy like that (aka they were on sale)

The Macdaddy of Monopoly boards

Monopoly. Who knew? It's my new (old) favorite boardgame, even though I seriously lost in the worst way. I had 2 houses, Joey had hotels and extreme board control. I was in jail more times that I was in an actual spot - and when I was, I was owing rent like something crazy.

Fleece-lined Leggings.
Seriously. It is negative temps here. You know those leggings you see at Walgreens and you are like, ew, who buys those? It's me. While I am over here warm and cozy and you are like "I am SO COLD", I will wait while you go purchase the 2/$12 fleece leggings on the end of the aisle. Then we can wear them together, and I can say "I KNOW, RIGHT?". I mean, what's more comfortable than a size of "one size fits most" and fleece lined? Not much, guys. Find them here on amazon too.

Practicing Driving in Snow.
It is one of my biggest "damsel in distress" characteristics, but I really hate driving in snow. So, my most awesomely patient husband goes out in the blizzard with me up and down the street to "practice driving". Really, he's the best. This was NOT the blizzard we practiced in, btw.

Organizing Part 1 of my spice cabinet. Seriously, we walked in Lucky's one day, and Joey said "how does it feel to have a more organized spice selection than the actual grocery?" To be honest, feels pretty dang good.

This IGE recipe was soo good and comforting while snowed in. We barely made it through the day without me "practicing driving" Joey to local bar for an hour or so. My house was spotless, all laundry was done, and I was on a major caffeine high...randomly wandering my house looking for the next thing to clean/organize. He had to get out of there! So then I made this for dinner after we had a "cabin fever break" and it was seriously yum.

These things have made me happy lately, in this time of depressing cold weather!

On another note: WHEN IS SPRING COMING? I MISS YOU. Which means, isn't it about time for an OPI Strawberry Marg manicure? Cali nails, I am coming for you.

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