Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Date night this week was at Mojito's. Mega plus: it was Thunder Over Louisville, so no wait on a Saturday night! Win!

The food is delicioso. I also would like to point out I helped save a woman's life....

j/k (kinda), but I did help a lady open a pill bottle that she stated the pill inside is crucial to her mother's life, so I basically saved the world.

To the food!

Because we hungry folk, we both got 2 things each after we ate guac with plantain chips. Go hard or go home, friends. This is a tapas restaurant so no judging.

Duck confit flatbread

Fish Taco

Mussels (Muscles? I kid)

Garlic Shrimp w/ house made mayo
These were all dynamite, I want to go back and order a whole large pizza sized duck confit flatbread and share it with NO ONE. There is FIG JAM on that thing.

Another great night out!

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